For It Rhymes With Gauntlet

As you guys know, I’ve got a weird kid. I pretty much never use “gifted” as a term to describe her because a) it has so many meanings, which largely depend on who is using it and b) it just sounds terrible.

However, this is not to say that she isn’t different. In the light of coming clean about what happened on GT, etc - it made me wonder if I oughtn’t just go on the record and answer whatever questions people might have.


Note to other parents of gifted kids (because I KNOW you’re here) - please do chime in on any question with your answers - I can’t wait to read them.

If no one has questions right away, that is cool - I’m going to just leave this post here for posterity, and as things come up (if they should) we can build the page over time. As ever, I will respond to all comments, no matter how old the post.

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